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School Fees

Mernda Hills Christian College provides quality private Christian education to Mernda and the surrounding communities. Our College fees allow us to provide the very best educational opportunities available to our students.

Discounts apply for early payment and siblings attending the same school.

Fee Information

Education at Mernda Hills does require investment and we are very appreciative of all who consider joining us for their educational journey.

What do the total fees include?

The total fee includes the Tuition fee, Consumables Levy and an annual Building Levy of $100 per student. See the Fee Schedule for a full breakdown of costs.

What is the consumables levy?

Primary School - this contributes towards the cost of excursions, camps, stationery, swimming, bus usage for sporting events, device usage, library and general resources.

Secondary School - Contributions towards the cost of excursions, camps, textbooks, subscriptions, bus usage for sporting events, library and general resources.
*Secondary students are responsible for acquiring stationery in accordance with the school book list.
**Year level devices cost may be applicable.

What payment methods do you accept?

We aim to make it as easy as possible to pay fees and other costs, and offer a range of options for families: via BPAY, online transfer, Direct Debit, over the phone or in person.

Fees are payable per year or term

Is there a prompt payment discount?

5% prompt payment discount on the full year’s fees is applicable if payment is made by the end of the first week of Term 1.

3% prompt payment discount on term fees is applicable if payment is made by the end of the first week of each term.

Is there a family discount?

Yes. The family discount applies to ALL children enrolled at the College and on Tuition fees only. Two children = 15% discount, Three children = 30% discount, Four children = 40% discount, Five children = 50% discount.

Use our handy Fee Calculator to get a more accurate estimate of total fees.

Fees - Per Student (single child rate)

Fees can be paid per year or per term. The totals listed below include the Building Levy and Consumables Levy.

Year Level Annual Fees Quarterly Instalments
Primary $7,176 $1,794
Years 7-10 $9,584 $2,396
Years 11-12 $10,268 $2,567

Fee Due Dates 2024

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
(3% discount) - 2nd February (3% discount) - 19th April (3% discount) - 19th July (3% discount) - 11th October
Annual fee (5% discount) - 2nd February Term 2 fee due - 10th May Term 3 fee due - 9th August Term 4 fee due - 1st November
Term 1 fee due - 23rd February

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