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Student wellbeing

The support structure of Mernda Hills Christian College ensures every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Students thrive when they feel supported and are happy in their learning environment.


Teaching and non-teaching staff are all part of the Wellbeing Support Team. Wellbeing support is supported by, but not the sole responsibility of the Chaplain and Wellbeing Coordinator, Learning Support Coordinator, Head of Primary, Head of Secondary and School Counsellor. This team strives to ensure students are happy and secure in whatever activity they are taking part in, whether social, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. We have a caring commitment to guide and advise our students to equip them with the skills needed to face the outside world.

Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to contact their child’s homeroom/class teacher, Learning Support Coordinator, Wellbeing Coordinator, Chaplain, Head of Primary or Head of Secondary if they have any concerns or worries. The school also has designated Child Safety Officers who deal with any child protection issues. These are the Principal and Head of Schools.

Our staff meet regularly to discuss and review Pastoral Care practices. The opinions of parents and students are always valued to ensure procedures and practices are relevant.

Our specific features can be seen below.

Social Thinking Curriculum

Provides language and supports for a student to understand themselves and others including regulation of their emotions e.g. zone of regulations, whole body listening, social thinking curriculum and learning.

Student Wellbeing Team

Provides support and opportunities for social-emotional wellbeing through linking students with support services (counselling) as well as prevention training relating to child and adolescent issues e.g. Bravehearts, Power of Me, Healthy relationships and Consent.

Learning Support Team

Provides support for students and advice and support for staff and parents through, training, creation of Individual Education Plans as well as recommendations for working with a diverse range of learning needs including extension opportunities. The team has access to external support such as speech therapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists.

Lunchtime Clubs

Students can select to go to a lunch club each lunchtime (art, games, STEM, social thinking, writing, gardening, sewing) Clubs provide another alternative play option for students to connect with other students and learn new skills.

PB4L Support Team

A team made up of the Heads of School, Counsellor and Chaplains. This team meets regularly to discuss individualised support and interventions for students.

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Student Leadership

Student leadership is a key part of our College investing in students to lead and give voice to our student cohort. We aim to develop leadership skills in students from Year 3 up to Year 12. Click on the tabs below to find out more about our leadership programs ⬇️

School Captains are chosen in both Primary and Secondary via a process of nominations, the nominees give a speech to the students and confidential voting takes place. The Captains work as part of a wider leadership team to oversee spiritual, social and fundraising activities at the school.

The role of Prefect is a position of service within and for the School. It is a role bestowed on students who exhibit leadership characteristics and act with selfless determination for the good of others. This position is elected by student and staff voting. Prefects work alongside the school captains and SRC to implement and monitor positive change across the school.

Each house elects its captains and vice captains at the start of the year. Having College Houses facilitates a sense of team spirit and unity amongst students. This is promoted through the efforts of House Captains and Vice-Captains who are elected by their houses. Their role involves planning and helping coordinate sporting events both at school and off the campus. They are the students who organise and lead the others in their House to ensure that students are getting involved in activities and putting their best foot forward.

Mernda Hills Christian College facilitates care for students’ well-being by supporting their needs and encouraging responsibility. The Student Representative Council (SRC) is one of the many facets the College utilises to guide students in this journey.

The SRC is a committee consisting a supporting teacher, School and House captains, and individuals elected from each class in Primary from Year 3-5 and Secondary from Year 7-11.

SRC members are mentored as leaders. Their role involves demonstrating a commitment to the school and its ethos, whilst practically expressing the school’s special character to better reach the needs of students. To do so, SRC members model correct school uniform and behaviours, they act as a voice for the students, and discuss and plan ways to do so appropriately.

Other practical ways they demonstrate their leadership is through communication, school improvement, as well as supporting or creating functions, events and fundraisers.

Mernda Hills Christian College recognises that starting school can be a significant transition for students. One of the best ways to nurture a positive school environment is to foster opportunities for building community and support from fellow students who have made the transition.

Mernda Hills Christian College runs a Buddies Program for Foundation students and Year 6s. Foundation students are given a buddy from Year 6. The Year 6s will join the Foundation class once a week and complete various activities together.

As the Year 7s adjust to High School, they are paired up with a Year 11 student who becomes a guide for support and encouragement. At the end of Year 10 and the beginning of Year 11, students are equipped for their leadership role. Each Year 11 is then given a Year 7 student to help mentor them through their transition into high school. Once in Year 8 they have the opportunity to reciprocate this support to their Year 12 mentor.

This is a small safe school. Students can feel safe and thrive. Everyone knows everyone. My son still loves going here and has never complained once (He is now in Year 5)! He is excited by the learning there and has made real friendships and has genuine mentors as teachers. The Christian ethos is perfect and very valuable to bring up well-mannered, disciplined and polite children. The Bible stories that they teach are still pertinent to everyday life lessons now! I know he is looked after by teachers who put in their all to support learning.
- Cassandra Preston

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