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Mernda Hills

Frequently Asked Questions

Please be encouraged to reach out to our friendly staff with any further questions about your child's learning at Mernda Hills Christian College.

Are you a Christian School?

Yes. We are a Christian School owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We welcome students from all religious, non-religious and cultural backgrounds.

How do your fees compare with other private schools in the area?

Our fees are very competitive and offer great value for money.

Please refer to the fees page HERE.

How do I enrol my child?

Visit the enrolments page of our website HERE to find out more about the enrolment process and apply online. Once we have received your online application and all supporting documentation, we will contact you for an interview.

Is the enrolment fee refundable?

No. There is a $200 processing fee per application. There are no discounts or refunds available on this fee.

What year levels do you offer?

Mernda Hills caters to students in both Primary and Secondary, from Foundation through to Year 12.

Currently we do not offer an Early Learning or Kindergarten program, however this is a part of our plan for future development.

Do you have any places available for my child’s year level?

That depends on the year level - some have waiting lists. Please contact the college for information on a specific year level.

How many students are in a class?

Class sizes are variable according to the individual needs of the students in that class.

Is the College zoned?

No. Students from any suburb may enrol.

Is there a uniform?

Yes. All students are expected to conform to the uniform standards of the school. Exemptions or modifications may apply on religious or medical grounds in consultation with the principal. Please see our Uniform page for more information.

Do you take international students?

Mernda Hills Christian College is not registered with CRICOS and cannot enrol students who are covered by a Student Visa or Tourist/Visitors Visa.

Most other visa types are eligible for enrolment. If you are unsure of the conditions of your visa, please contact us with your visa subclass number and we will check for you.

Do you offer before/after school care?

Yes. Please refer to the Services page. Separate registration and fees apply for this service.

When should I apply?

Generally, you should apply in the year before you wish your child to commence at the College. Applications made two or more years in advance are accepted and will be recorded, but are not assessed by the committee until the year before commencement.

Additional information may be required before assessment if a long period of time has elapsed since the application.

Does my child have to do Religion as a subject?

Yes, Religion (or Biblical Studies) is a compulsory subject from Foundation to Year 12.

Is there a cut off date for applications?

There is no cut-off date for applications. However, in order to maximise your chances of success, we suggest you apply early. Waiting lists may apply if year levels are already full.

Can I apply to start mid-year?

Yes, but you will still need to go through the normal enrolment process. There may be delays due to processing times and availability of staff.

How soon will I hear the outcome of my application?

The enrolment committee makes the final decision on all applications. Applications go to the committee after all documentation has been received, the child and parent have had an interview with the principal or delegate, and the child has completed any necessary testing and assessment.

The enrolment committee meets at scheduled times throughout the year to consider applications and positions available. Once the committee has assessed your application, you will be sent a letter notifying you of the outcome.

If my child misses out on a place for one year, do I need to reapply to be considered for the following year?

If you have an active application for one year, this can be carried over to the next year without incurring additional fees. Further documents may be required to update the application such as recent school or medical reports. If your application was closed or withdrawn, you will need to make a new application.

Do you have a bus for my area?

School buses currently service the Mernda, Doreen and Wollert areas. Please note that demand is high for this service and placement cannot be guaranteed to all applicants. See our dedicated page for College Buses.

What is the school’s approach to bullying?

Bullying (including cyberbullying) is considered severe misconduct and is not tolerated. The school staff work together with students and parents to address any issues that arise and build positive relationships in accordance with our Behaviour Policy and disciplinary framework. For further information please refer to the Student Behaviour Policy.

Do you run school tours?

Yes. Please refer to the tours page of our website HERE.

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes. Please refer to the scholarships page of our website HERE.

Do you offer a VET or VCAL program?

No. Currently Mernda Hills runs a VCE program only in senior secondary.