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Vision, Mission & Values

The Future

Is What We Make It

We are a proud Christian College and have a dynamic history of educational and holistic excellence. We promote our Christian values in everything we do and do not compromise the fundamental principles that have helped us achieve so much. However, we also firmly stand with our heads lifted high and our eyes searching towards the future.

We are open to learning new things. We believe in our abilities to make the world a better place and leave a legacy of lasting positive change in our community. We acknowledge that many of our youngest students will graduate into jobs and careers which have not yet been created and will strive to provide the best experiences in preparation for that future.

Education is at the forefront of technological developments and we know this equips learners with capacity, agency, a sense of purpose, and the competencies needed to shape lives and contribute to the success and happiness of others.

We do not believe education has a finish line. We seek to instil strong values that inspire a lifelong love of learning. We desire to partner with students to develop strong foundational knowledge and critical thinking. To cultivate creative, collaborative and agile minds. It is a shared community responsibility to embrace new ways of thinking and embrace challenges and celebrate our successes.

Our Vision and Mission

We are captive to the guiding principles of our College.

At Mernda Hills Christian College, our purpose is Through excellence in education, to develop people of integrity and Christian character. Our mission is Nurture for today. Learning for tomorrow. Character for life.

Our Values

We believe that these four values are essential in becoming excellent learners that demonstrate integrity and Christian character.

Being Respectful

Treating others the way we wish to be treated and caring for others in the community, and our environment.

Being Responsible

Being responsible for our actions, learning from all decisions and making great choices.

Being Resilient

Developing a growth mindset with a never give up attitude.

Being a Learner

Being a lifelong learner is an important aspect of all educational journeys. Developing an attitude of learning in all subject areas is vital to developing students of excellence.


Quality Adventist Schools

Here at Mernda Hills Christian College, we believe the primary purpose of our team is to ensure that we provide teachers with all they need to produce excellent outcomes for their students.

This is why as part of the Adventist Schools Australia network we engage in the Quality Adventist Schools Framework. We believe that Adventist schools are God's schools. As part of the Adventist network, we believe that Mernda Hills Christian College is God's school.

The purpose of the Quality Adventist Schools (QAS) Framework is to fulfil this mandate. By creating 'a thriving Christ-centred learning community' we will provide a place whereby every student will find meaning and purpose in their life. Through this journey of school improvement, our aim is to:

  • Build a culture of improvement and excellence.
  • Provide a structure for school organisation, management and direction.
  • Create opportunities for ‘Professional Conversations’.
  • Focus on improving student outcomes.
  • Describe excellence and share best practice ideas.
  • Empower school leadership.
  • Give opportunities to celebrate progress and achievement.
  • Be evidence-based to inform the school improvement plan.
  • Identify the school’s resourcing needs.
  • Create evidence of meeting legislative requirements.

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