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How is School Readiness assessed?

School Readiness Assessment

All applicants for Foundation at the college are assessed for School Readiness before an offer of enrolment is made. Generally students will be invited to a group Readiness Assessment at the college around May or August. Here students are guided and observed in a classroom environment, participating in general classroom activities such as group time, drawing and cutting activities, and play.

Assessors at the college consider a number of factors when looking at a student's readiness. For example:

Following Instructions

  • Can follow instructions accurately
  • Displays a willing attitude
  • Asks permission for non-standard activities (eg. visiting the toilet)

Social & Emotional Skills

  • Speaks clearly and communicates own needs
  • Displays appropriate behaviour
  • Can regulate own emotions (eg. not throwing a tantrum when unhappy)

Motor Skills

  • Can correctly hold and manipulate implements such as pencil or scissors
  • Has good general motor skills such as balance, climbing, running


  • Can maintain attention and focus
  • Completes set tasks
  • Enjoys and engages with books/stories


  • Can perform everyday tasks independently (eg. toileting, taking off jacket, eating)
  • Usually works without assistance
  • Asks for help when needed
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